Bilskadenett is the MeccanoCar importer for Norway since summer 2019.

This gives us a very  expanded, specialized product range of more than 30000 articles.

All automotive tools and consumables like masking films abrasives, gloves, work wear, screws and bolts, clips and much more...

As well as a comprehensive range of trucks and heavy equipment parts and accessories.



  • Chemicals

    This product group is growing everyday, because of continuous findings of better, more effective or even completely new chemicals.

    And of course the new products from the Cyano-acrylate family also knows an the super glues.

    All types of adhesives, sealers, cleaners, polishing, nano technology and many other products.

  • Work wear

    Work wear made in Italy, a beautiful and modern Italian design. As well as some standard work wear.

    Marked with a "P" means personalized (Logo/name) in all the GREEN fields marked here.

    As well as indoor as outdoor clothing and office clothes are available

    with different types of Logo or name embroidered or printed also in colors.

    This also contains safety shoes and accessories like socks and gloves and others...

  • Consumables

    A functioning collision shop needs many consumables, and of course abrasives of all types, but many chemicals like for example putties as well and masking products, tapes, plastic films, gloves and much more.

    And than there are one time use products like cloths and wipes, and many others. To make life a bit easier we have organized them in more specific groups, and some of them fit in more than one group.

  • Motorcycle

    Here you can find general tools and specialized Motorcycle tools, accessories and all polishing, cleaners and maintenance tools.

    We will include chemicals and specific products for helmets, also disinfectants and cleaning products and similar products.

  • Electrical

    A modern automotive workshop needs and uses many different electrical tools and even some combined tools that also need electricity to function.

    All of our electrical tools and accessories can be found here, even those that are listed in other parts of this shop.

    Also here are many other options available, they can not all be listed here, please contact us for alternatives or give us a call.

  • Car furnishing

    MeccanoCar has sold these High Strength Steel mono-block's and accessories since many years, they all come with an adapted fixture kit for easy installation.

    There are base mono-blocks and shelves and cabinets that are compatible with these assembled items to give you many possibilities to adapt to the needs of the job/the car. We also have a list of tested and adapted combinations per car type, to get you started. Contact us for more information.

    And we can help you to find the optimal solution for your every case.

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